Lisa & Maxime

Lisa & Maxime - July 2022

Chloé is the best!!! She is the wedding planner you can count on, who will work tirelessly in the background, to make your vision a reality (and help you develop that vision in the first place). She will remind you and take care of all the important things, big or small, including those you did not think about. All this was tremendously helpful for us given that the wedding was in country-side France and included family and friends from France, Germany, Poland, and many other countries, while we had to organise from faraway Boston and San Francisco where we live. She was also the perfect chef d’orchestre to make sure that everything went smoothly during the day itself. Thanks to that, we (the bride and groom) actually managed to have quite a lot of fun and enjoy the day (which is not a given!), and our guests were thrilled with the whole festivities as well! Thank you Chloé, for accompanying us along this journey – we could not have done it without you!