Mariage au Château de Bagnols

Eliza & Leh

Je n’arrive pas à croire que cela fait déjà un an… Un an que ces deux là – Eliza & Leh – se sont mariés sous le soleil d’Octobre et dans un des lieux les plus prestigieux du Beaujolais, le Château de Bagnols. J’ai très vite eu un coup de coeur pour ce couple d’américains, complètement fous l’un de l’autre, fans de courses automobiles (Leh est d’ailleurs un Pilote émérite…) 100 % déjantés et d’une gentillesse exceptionnelle !

Un Grand Merci à Cécile Creiche qui a parfaitement su saisir leurs émotions en photos et à mon acolyte Adeline de Jaune Pivoine qui a su leur créer la parfaite ambiance florale !


« Weddings in general is a hard task to accomplish, but when you make it a destination wedding it is even more challenging to take on.  This is where a wedding planner can make or break your wedding abroad.  Luckily, I picked the best one.  I contacted a couple of wedding planners, but the way Lyloo & Maloe approached my emails was really friendly and personable.  I didn’t feel like I was talking to a robot like some big wedding planner companies. »

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« When I didn’t like a price, she would go find me another vendor or even negotiate with the existing vendor to bring down the price.  The best way to describe how great Chloe is that I didn’t become a « Bridezilla ».  Everyone always told me how taxing wedding planning can be and brides become crazy.  I didn’t go through any of that because I had Chloe »

« Chloe was also there the day of our wedding.  She brought the ladies breakfast pastries because she thought we wouldn’t have time to go eat breakfast while we’re getting ready. She coordinated with all the vendors and there was a few hiccups but I didn’t even notice it because she took care of it.  Every moment that I felt I needed some help to do something she was always there to help. The wedding was perfect and we couldn’t of done it without Chloe. Chloe is one of the best decisions I have ever made…well besides getting married to my husband 🙂 »